Week 16.3: The Annual End-Of-Summer Hike

Hello, lovely readers!  It’s only Tuesday and I’m actually posting something on the blog.  Horrors!  Maybe I’ll actually get into a routine of some sort and post things regularly again… time will tell.  Summer has been unreasonably hectic and stressful this year, not really relaxing in the least!  Thankfully, Doug and I had a chance to get away for a day when my parents invited us to go with them on their traditional End-of-Summer hike up in the Sierras.

Hikes, when we can manage them, are a pretty spectacular form of full-body exercise.  This weekend’s hike ended up being about 10 miles, including some cross-country travel when we discovered that the trail on our map no longer aligned with the actual trail… thankfully, we never hike without a GPS unit (the perks of having scientist parents) and we were able to cut across until we met up with another trail that would take us back to the car.

And, of course, no summer hike is complete without a short swim:

Swimsuit: Lands’ End
Bright Aqua Shorts: Forever21
Grey Exercise Tank: Target
Grey Fleece Sweater: Target
Hiking Hat: No clue, but the flower is from Icing

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