Week 18.1: Yellow Plaid for Summer

Hello, hello, and happy Wednesday.  Or happy Thursday, depending on when you see this post.  We aren’t going to have a weigh-in this week, I’m skipping it.  That gives me a week to get my act together (and, uh, not to have takeout three days in a row before weighing?) before I post.  Incentive!

The watch is another thing I inherited from my Grandmother… she wore it on her wedding day.  When we found it in a box of jewelry, we assumed that it was broken, as she hadn’t worn it in years.  However, it came back to life once it was wound, it started ticking away and it keeps time wonderfully!

Grey ruffled blouse: Ross
Black leather belt: from Grandma
Yellow & grey plaid pencil skirt: Article Consignment
Hamilton Watch: from Grandma
By the way, if you noticed the new social media buttons on the side of the page (I know, they need more work, but it’s a start…) I’m now on Twitter as @PolkaPolish.  I’d love to interact more with all of you… I do my best to reply to comments (albeit slowly) and it would be great to be able to have a better conversation with you all!

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