Week 18.3: Performances abound!

Hello, lovely readers!  Today I have for you a few pictures of another fancy dress… we had another performance yesterday evening for our little early music/anything out of copyright ensemble, Capella Antiqua.  Since it was the first concert of the season, we decided that the easiest way to put a concert together was to do a song recital with some of the more soloistically-inclined members of the ensemble.  Doug and I reprised the duets we learned for his recital… it was so nice to get to do the pieces more than once!

I wore the dress I’d purchased for my senior recital, and a necklace I found about a week AFTER I’d done my recital.  It was such a perfect match to the dress, I eventually went back and bought it, knowing full well I’d find another occasion to wear my recital gown.  I’m not sure of the age or materials for the necklace, but it’s delightfully sparkly and the chain and filigree rosettes are quite dainty and beautiful.

Blue Sequined Gown: Windsor Dresses
Blue Crystal Necklace: 57th Street Antiques
Blue Crystal Earrings: Probably my Busia’s
Pewter Sequined Heels: Lulu Townsend, from DSW

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