Week 19.2: Weigh-in Whining & Pencil Skirts

 Hello, dear readers!  It’s still Wednesday, so I’m sneaking in my Wednesday Weigh-In post.  Here’s what I wore to choir this evening, as obligingly photographed by Doug:

Oh, right, the weigh-in.  Well… here:
Current Weight: 143.1 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 140 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  .9 lbs

Augh!  I was doing pretty well, but the last month has been lousy.  I think some of it is water weight from eating a certain amount of take-out and other sodium-y food, and this week I’m blaming the wonders of being female, but it’s not going how I want it to.  My solution?  Start really truly seriously counting again and buy a new bike saddle.  An hour ride is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Ruffled Black Blouse: Aeropostale
Green Wool Skirt: Goodwill, half of a very ’80s suit.
Belt: Sash from my kimono
Shell Belt Buckle: Grandma’s.
Moonglow Lucite Bangles: also my Grandma’s
Argyle Tights: American Eagle, years ago.  They are disguising the numerous bruises on my shins…
Black Patent Heels: Payless
Hair Floofle: Icing
Purse: Vera Bradley (Thanks, Aunt Sue!)
Coffee Mug: Starbucks

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