Week 19.3: Not my usual decade…

Hello hello, lovely readers, and happy Sunday.  I’ve been busy with more work-y things this week, and yesterday I wanted to wear something that I could clean and work in without too much trouble.  Now, shirts from the ’70s aren’t usually my thing, but in this case I think it was the right choice.

I think my hair disguises exactly how silly the collar on this shirt is… and the brand is “Stoner Square,” of all things!

Weight loss continues disappointingly, unfortunately, but I’m hoping things will look up.  I feel like it’s been “one of those days” all summer!  I wish I could get a little routine back in my life.

Inspecting the trees for homicidal squirrels…
Hair scarf: present from my mother
Peach ’70s shirt: Goodwill
Orange bangles: from my Grandmother
Dark bootcut blue jeans: American Eagle
Black ballet flats: Nicole’s Shoes

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