Week 20.1: A Green Suit

Hello, hello!  I feel like today’s outfit is a bit of a cheat, but I have a small closet, so here goes anyway.  Today I’m sharing with you a suit that I bought in a hurry (oops)… I was killing time before a friend’s recital when I spotted this little ensemble at Goodwill… I held up the skirt, thought it looked like it would fit, and boogied on over to the check-out.

Of course, when I got it home that evening and got to try the whole thing on, I discovered that while the skirt was just fine, the jacket was designed for someone a little more well-endowed than myself.  Oops.  Of course, I had to take pictures anyway, so I got out my green hat (which I really must find more excuses to wear) and a pair of heels and some gloves.

And several of my most heavily-padded bras… that’s the reason that the jacket looks like it mostly fits.  Three push-up bras layered on top of one another and covered over with a camisole.  Sigh.

Don’t worry, I’m in the process of sending this darling suit off to a good home where someone with the right measurements will be able to wear it!  I am a teensy bit disappointed, though.  Just a little.

Green Net Hat: 57th Street Antiques
Green Wool Suit: Goodwill!
Cream Gloves: Thrift store in Minocqua
Favorite Cream Heels: Nicole’s Shoes
Ceramic maple leaf screw-back earrings: Gift from a friend, originally from Japan

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