Week 20.3: Black & White

Hello & good evening (or maybe good morning?)… I’ve had a paint-filled week, so I’ve been a bit behind on posting.  Plus my throat is all scratchy… ick!  Nothing like breathing in VOCs for a few days to make your respiratory system grumpy.
This is my outfit from Wednesday evening.  I wasn’t able to get the wonderful Doug to take my photos (as he’d already left for his own rehearsal), so here are some snippets of my outfit, courtesy of my camera remote.

The black gloves are one of my favorite pairs, they are scalloped at the wrist and have an adorable little bow detail.  I’ve been trying to make a point of wearing gloves more frequently, they really complete an outfit… but I feel SO overdressed when I do, especially in warm weather.  I’m also hoping to eventually work up to hats, but they’re terribly intimidating.

White Shrug: …? No clue.
Black Camisole: Charlotte Russe
Heart Necklace: Valentine’s present from Doug
White Earrings: Grandmother’s
White Belt: H&M
Black Gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Black & White Bangles: Various
Black & White Polka Dot Skirt: Ross… and I get more comments asking if I’m wearing things from the 50s when I wear this than when I wear anything else I own!
Petticoat: Evangeline’s
Shoes: Gift from a friend
Vera Bradley Handbag: Gift from my Aunt Sue (Thanks!)

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