Week 26.2: Halfway there! & a belated Wednesday weigh-in

Well, halfway there time-wise, anyway.  Not really halfway there weight-wise yet!

Current Weight: 141.4 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 140.2 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  2.6 lbs

I’ve been noticing, though, that lately counting calories isn’t working very well for me.  Either I’ll forget to count, or I’ll skimp on “real food” so that I can eat calorie-dense treat foods later in the day, which means I’m running on too much sugar and not enough everything else and I feel hungry and irritable.  I’ve decided that it’s time to take a different tactic.  Instead of counting (I honestly have a pretty good idea of portion size by now & can keep a pretty good mental tally) I’m trying to eat a bigger breakfast, a lighter dinner, and limit myself to one “treat” a day, be it a cookie, sweet coffee, cocoa, ice cream, or a mixed drink… no more of this silly business of skimping on real food to eat more sweets.  I’m also trying to get in some real physical activity every day: running, biking, or serious housecleaning.  I just need to up the ante a little on strength training, and all will be well.  On the plus side, the few pounds I have managed to lose have taken about an inch and a half off my waist (it’s between 25 and 26, depending on the time of day) and about an inch off my hips (from 41 to 40) so that’s good.  

Yesterday I went out shopping with a friend to help her find a little black dress, a black skirt, and some long-sleeved tops.  I think she went away with 2 dresses (one black, one polka-dotted), a black velvet skirt, & two v-necked sweaters.  Unless I’m forgetting a few things?  Anyway, much fun was had, we got to catch up & commiserate about boys, and we had sushi for dinner.  Today I’m prepping for an early dinner to welcome my long-travelling love home and doing some housekeeping chores.

Sheer blue scarf: From my Grandma
Blue angora cardigan: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Ruffled black shirt: Aeropostale
Blue patent belt: Target, in the kids’ section
Black bangle: Article Consignment
Black gloves with bow details: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Black wool pencil skirt: Goodwill
Black pumps: Got from Tiffany, who they were too large for

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