Week 29.2: Seasonal Foliage

Hullo!  I do hope you’ll pardon the excessive quantity of indoor photos… it’s been a bit winter-y outside and I’ve been having trouble getting out to take pictures before evening descends.

I’ve been very keen on making sure that my foliage matches the seasons properly, so I finally got around to assembling the giant poinsettia fascinator I’ve been meaning to make.  It’s ever-so-slightly velvety, has a small bit of glitter in the very center, and is nearly as large as my face.  I’m quite proud of it, and it goes very nicely with my red felt circle skirt.

I’ve contemplated putting together a tutorial on how I make my various floral clips, but I’m not sure whether anyone would find it particularly useful… there are already about a million tutorials out there, right?  And it’s not so complex… I suppose the question really is, can I build a better mousetrap?

Excessively large poinsettia fascinator clip: Made by moi
Reverse-carved earrings: From Busia?
Pseudo lace illusion shirt: Charlotte Russe
Black camisole: Charlotte Russe
Red felt circle skirt: Made by moi
Black leather belt: from Grandma
Black & red bangles: Various
Black crinoline: Evangeline’s

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