Week 29.3: Stage Fright

Yesterday, I had my first opportunity to be the alto soloist for Handel’s Messiah.  Only part one, not the whole thing, but I wasn’t sharing the solos with anyone!  It was a bit of a whirlwind all-day affair.  I got up, ate a hearty breakfast, and set about arranging my hair so that it would last all day.

I packed up my red dress and my costume jewelry.  I’m still impressed that I found a set that matched so well.  I gathered up my makeup, my music, a passable pair of shoes…

…Unfortunately, also a rather uncomfortable and cardboard-y pair of shoes.  I’ve destroyed just about every other pair of black pumps I’ve ever owned, but these are so uncomfortable that I hardly wear them.  Perhaps I will have to treat myself to a new pair of concert shoes some day.


Shoes and other accouterments in hand, I headed off to my rehearsal, bundled up against the elements in tall boots, a silk scarf, a lace blazer, and a huge jacket.  Apparently I needn’t have worried about the weather… despite the torrential rain and wind the previous night and through the morning, by the time I was halfway to my rehearsal it was dazzlingly bright and sunny.

I had left myself plenty of travel time in case of stormy conditions, but instead I used my extra time sitting at a coffee shop looking over my music one last time.  I must admit, I was nervous in the hours leading up to rehearsal!  Thankfully, those feelings faded quickly once I was actually singing, and by the time the actual concert rolled around in the evening I was perfectly comfortable.  Or almost perfectly comfortable… as comfortable as one can get on one rehearsal’s notice, I think.

I’m afraid that I don’t have any better pictures of the day’s clothes (or nail polish!  I used the wrong topcoat and they barely lasted 24 hours, grumble grumble…), but if you’re still reading, thanks for wading through my rather tortured prose.  Regular-ish posts with more pictures to resume soon.

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