Week 30.3: Black & Tan

Unfortunately, I refer to a color scheme and not to the ice cream sundae of the same name.  I could really go for the dessert version.  December is a busy busy month, so here is another entirely modern ensemble.  Well, modern-ish.  
We waited a little too long to take pictures, so they’re a little grainy… it was already quite dark!  And you didn’t miss 30.2, I haven’t posted it yet.  I was entertaining grandiose thoughts of posting it with the tutorial I’m putting together, but… that probably won’t happen.  So it’ll be up tomorrow.

Black satin hair bow: Icing
Black dangle earrings: From Grandma
Black multi-strand necklace: Icing or Claire’s?
Black cardigan with sequined shoulders: Ross
Black and tan paneled dress: Ross
Stockings in a shade which is really not “nude” for me: Grocery store
Black faux-leather scrunched boots: JC Penney

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