Week 32.2: Wearing my heart (brooch) on my sleeve

…or actually, on my lapel:

This brooch has been languishing in my jewelry box for years.  As you can tell, quite a few of the smaller silver rhinestones were missing, and, until just recently, so were several of the larger green ones!  I finally got around to replacing the missing green rhinestones some new ones I’d ordered off Etsy this week.  Of course, it’s still missing most of the smaller silver rhinestones, but at least it looks presentable from a distance again.  Besides, I’ve no idea where to find the replacements for the little silver ones!  I’m not entirely sure of this pin’s origin, but it’s really a gorgeous piece and quite too large to wear on most of my clothing.  If I ever get my dream princess coat with a big full skirt, this pin might go live on its lapel.

Have any of you seen a piece like this before?  What do you suppose its history is?

Black satin hair bow: Icing
Pair of glittery green birds: Michael’s
Sparkled and pleated black wool coat: Wilson’s Leather
Green and silver heart brooch: Has been in the jewelry box for as long as I can remember…
Green and silver sweater: ModCloth
Silver patent belt: Target
Silver tone present bow costume ring: Icing (isn’t it nifty??)
Black pencil skirt: Goodwill
Grey tights: Target
Black slouchy faux-leather boots: JC Penney

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