Week 41.2 & 41.3: Travels

As I have mentioned, Doug and I spent the remainder of last week in Boston, Cambridge, and several airports along the way.  It was a fun trip, Cambridge is gorgeous, and I think our auditions went okay, but I’m rather exhausted and jet-lagged now!  So, in lieu of a lengthy write-up, I present you my outfits from our visit.

Blue alpaca scarf: Knit by me
Silver leaf earrings: Grandma
Black coat: Wilson’s Leather
Blue leather gloves with zipper wrists: Target
Blue circle skirt: Made by me
Black petticoat: Evangeline’s 
Excessively complicated socks: Baroque from Knitty, made by me
Brown spectator ankle boots: DSW

Red floral quilted purse: Vera Bradley, gift from my aunt
Leaf earrings: Grandma
Black and grey silk scarf: Gift from a friend
Black sparkly coat: Wilson’s leather
Bangles: Various
Gloves: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Yellow cotton dress: Made by me
Black petticoat: Evangeline’s
Grey tights: Target
Socks & Shoes: See above.

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