Week 44.3: An Expo Expedition

Yesterday was quite a busy day.  Doug and I headed out bright and early to go to San Francisco for the Vintage Expo that was going on.  I’d been meaning to buy a few dresses from Fab Gabs for a while, and going to the Expo meant that I could make sure that the dresses fit!  On our way out, I got a call that I’d gotten the job I just interviewed for (yay!) and could I be at an orientation that evening? (um.) so we had a bit of a turbo expo experience before dashing home, picking up the relevant paperwork, taking a cheesecake to a friend’s party, and trundling off to work!

Going to San Francisco gave me a chance to wear my newest Goodwill find:  a superbly flattering charcoal grey wool dress with an “Ira Rentner Original” label in it.  Of course, it’s now much too warm for such things where I live, but the weather is always pleasantly cool by the bay, so I was glad to have the opportunity to photograph it before it gets put away for the summer.

The expo was great fun, and it was lovely to finally meet Julie and Jesse (of FabGabs Vintage) in person.  If I were a slightly more snap-happy blogger, I would have gotten a picture of the pair of them in their amazing matching blue hawaiian-print ensembles.  Julie’s dress was the sort of thing that summer dreams are made of!   I snagged two great cotton day dresses at her booth.  I was so pleased when the grey one fit so beautifully.  I’d been lusting after it on line, but was sure that the bust would be far too roomy for me.  And I think the peach one is channeling Marianne of Esme and the Laneway, don’t you?  I also picked up a little black hat (though I passed on one that reminded me of a UFO and am now kicking myself) and a sparkly costume necklace.  There were many more things that I would have loved to look at (and purchase!) but alas, time and budget constraints prevented me.  I definitely am planning on going to vintage expos in the future, though… it was quite the fun outing!

Green and gold hat: 57th Street Antiques
Bangles: Various
Green gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Grey wool dress: Goodwill
Green patent belt: Target
Green leather purse: Spin A Yarn (the yarn store where I used to work!  The poor purse needs a little TLC…)
Black cut-out wedges: Goodwill

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