Week 45.2: Grey and Rainy

Let’s not talk about how much I weigh today, OK?  It is (hem hem) that time of month so I am resorting to my most flattering dress and drinking lots of water to fight the lovely bloated feelings… if any of you gals have brilliant tips and tricks to staying glamorous through hormonal swings I’d be so grateful.

I started my new job on Tuesday, so I’m feeling a little more alive and productive now!  Plus, I have to dress up all presentable-like to go to work, which always helps with the mood.  Unfortunately, the schedule change means that I’ve already forgotten one important thing this week, so I’d better get more organized, and soon!

Purple hair flowers: Various
Grey wool dress: Goodwill
Lavender ruched gloves: Present from Mary
Bangles: Various
Purple patent belt: Target
Purple ruffled flats: I have no memory…
Clear umbrella: Target

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