Week 45.3: Spring-ing

Spring here in California is happening with great gusto.  I’m doing my best to go enjoy the greenery before it all dries out and turns brown for summer.
I’m wearing my new grey dress as often as I can get away with it. I’ve stuffed two petticoats under the skirt here, and I think that makes a nice difference to the silhouette.  It was blustery early in the day, though, (as is common in the springtime here) and I had to do battle with the skirt a few times to keep it in place!  I’ll have to practice putting my hair up again for summer, too… I’m a bit out of practice on victory rolls, but if I stick enough flowers to my head, hopefully nobody will notice.

Hair flowers: Various
Black faceted earrings and necklace: Grandma
Red pea coat: Gift from Doug
Light grey sundress: Advance 6993, made by me
Black gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Bangles: Various
Black and white petticoats: Evangeline’s
Red Sofft pumps: Goodwill

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