Week 49.3: Summer Sewing

Hello!  We seem to be done with spring here in California and heading straight for summer.  I always have trouble finding shorts that fit me, so as soon as I finished these pants, I set about contemplating how to make Simplicity 3688 into the perfect vintage-styled shorts.  Here’s my first attempt, in some sort of cotton canvas I picked up at Goodwill, lined with white quilter’s cotton.

I was initially afraid that the white background with a tiny print would make them look a little too much like I was wearing someone’s boxer shorts, but I think in the end they turned out just fine.  I now have plans to make myself a whole ’40s/’50s styled playsuit using the same shorts pattern…

I somehow managed to put in the zipper and button band entirely backward… I’m not quite sure how!  I apparently can’t tell right from left.  I think I need to move the button over a smidge to get it to close the way I’d like, too… as you can see, I’m holding it in place for the picture so the edges all (mostly) line up.  I used a vintage button from my grandmother’s button box, and I managed to find a white-painted Talon metal zipper at the fabric store!  If I make myself another pair or two of these, I can finally get rid of all my ill-fitting commercially made shorts, which is quite exciting.

White sunhat: Bought at Morro Bay last year, decorated with a blue flower I made
Blue patterned shirt: American Eagle
High-waisted shorts: Simplicity 3688, made by me!
Bangles: Various
Black flats: Reflection
Also, Wednesday’s (rather belated) weigh-in…
Current Weight: 139.8 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 139.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  4.2 lbs

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