An Outfit for an Outing

When I add new goodies to my wardrobe, I do one of two things: either I wear them non-stop or squirrel them away for the just-right outfit or occasion.  As you may remember, weeks ago I blogged about making a little excursion up north to visit Concetta’s Closet and do a little touristing and shopsing.  I came home with two things for my fall and winter wardrobe, and decided to pair them together for an outing last week.  Doug and I went into Boston to see some friends of his in a concert of Bach given by the Yale Schola Cantorum on a rather cold and drizzly night, so I wanted to wear something both warm and decently presentable looking.

The concert was very nice, although the acoustic of the church we were in was quite odd.  It was difficult to make out a lot of the text, and sometimes the notes and solosits.  It sounded rather like the sound was coming at us from the end of a long, echo-y tunnel with a large cotton ball in the way.  Quite a shame, really, because the singers and instrumentalists were quite on top of their game.  I only with I could have heard them better!  Hopefully the next time they’re in town they’ll be in a better venue.

Hair bow: Icing
AB crystal drop earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk, WI
Enamel and crystal flower brooch: Have had it as long as I can remember, must be from some family member or other
AB crystal bracelet: Grandma
Brown cashmere sweater & black quilted ice skating skirt: Concetta’s Closet
Vera Bradley purse: Gift from my Aunt Sue
Umbrella: Target
Naturalizer spectator pumps: DSW

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