The mezzo uniform: In which I wear trousers

One of the goodies I picked up on my shopping excursion last week was a pair of fully lined dark grey wool slacks.  They seemed like they’d be a good sort of thing to have for cold weather, were quite inexpensive, and fit pretty dang well, all things considered.  A little tight around the hips, perhaps, but nothing that a base layer and slightly fewer cookies can’t fix.

The thing is… I don’t really like wearing pants (or trousers, or whatever else you might call them).  See, in the singing world, I’m a mezzo-soprano, and the purpose of a mezzo soprano, in opera at least, is usually to play the role of the young man!  Sure, occasionally you also get either the old lady, the witch, or Carmen… but the majority of my stage time has been spent in ill-fitting men’s clothes and drawn-on eyebrows.   It’s part of the reason that the vintage aesthetic appeals to me so much– I don’t get to dress up when I’m onstage, so I might as well get to dress up in real life!

But between that and the fit issues (my hips tend to take a size or two bigger than my waist, which makes shopping annoying) I’d usually much rather put on a skirt.  So I’m trying to widen my clothes horizons this year… I’ve read a few good blog posts with images of vintage winter-wear featuring slacks, and I’m always open to more advice and inspiration!

Black beret: Weave Thrift
Polka dot pussy-bow blouse: Swiped from Mom’s closet some time ago
Black suit jacket: Etsy seller Kickshaw
Grey wool slacks: Modern Millie Newburyport
Socks: Made by me, the pattern is Baroque
Ankle boots: from DSW last year

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