How To: Organize a Petticoat Collection

Since my posting routine got a little screwy this week because of reasons (see yesterday’s post), I thought today would be a good time to start a little series I’ve been planning for a while on organization and storage solutions for vintage accessories.  Obviously any fashion devotee needs a few storage tricks up his or her sleeve, but I find that us vintage connoisseurs  have a few more categories of accessories to store than our contemporary fashion counterparts.

Today, I’m tackling one of the biggest organizational problems for the ’50s gal: petticoats.  They’re big, unruly, and take up a bunch of room.  In my old apartment, I was spoiled by having a huge walk-in closet for my vintage collection. I kept my petticoats on hangers, where I could see them easily, but they did take up a lot of space.

Colorful petticoats suspended from clothes hangers

Unfortunately, I don’t have this luxury any more.  Our new place has much smaller bedroom closets, and the petticoats were getting out of control.

colorful petticoats falling off a shelf in an over-stuffed closet.

I asked around on Instagram and got a few alternative solutions.  I liked the idea of storing the petticoats in bags, but thought that getting them in and out of those bags was a bit of a hassle for a regular petticoat wearer.  While wandering the aisles of Target, I came upon a solution: hanging shoe organizers.  One average-sized petticoat, rolled slightly and folded in half, fits just about perfectly in the provided spaces.  The newest and floofiest of the petticoats wouldn’t quite squeeze into a single slot, so I cut out one of the dividers to make an extra-large space for it.

Petticoats kept neat and contained in a hanging shoe organizer

There, much better!  I hope someone finds this trick helpful.  How do you keep petticoats organized and out of the way in your closet?  Are there any accessories that are particularly difficult to keep tidy?

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