Properly Purple

 For someone who lists purple as one of my absolute favorite colors, I have woefully little of it in my vintage wardrobe.  I made the mistake a few Sundays ago of mentioning to my choir mates that I often dress in liturgically appropriate colors, so of course I had to find something purple to wear for the first Sunday in Lent.  Easier said than done!

I ended up temporarily “trimming” the new hat I wore a few weeks ago with a handful of clip-on flowers, and wore a purple shirt to match.  I was asked, half in jest, if my hat was “Dior or a museum piece” so I suppose it was something of a success!  The hat still desperately needs a new veil, but it’s quickly becoming a new favorite of mine.

I also really need to finish altering the skirt that goes with this jacket, because I managed to accidentally shrink my one black skirt at the beginning of winter (oops)  and it only barely fits and is quite a bit shorter than it once was.   Don’t run wool skirts through the dryer! 

Black felt 40s tilt hat: Witch City Consignment
Flowers: Various
Necklace and earrings: Grandma
Black blazer: Etsy seller Kickshaw
 Purple long-sleeved shirt: Target
Rather shrunken wool skirt: Goodwill
Black Aldo pumps: thrifted

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