On a Walk with Imogene + Willie

Hello!  Too many days of work & too many days of home-improvement projects have left me without many new outfits to post, but thankfully (I guess?) I’ve managed to neglect a few sets of photos from earlier in the month/year, so we’ll be playing catch-up for a bit here and things might be all over the place temporally.

Today’s post features an outfit from a few weeks ago, while my parents were visiting from out of town.  As I type this, it’s nearly 80 degrees indoors and the thought of wearing long pants, let alone a sweater, seems entirely unreasonable!

So anyway, jeans.  I heard about Imogene + Willie from Vixen Vintage, and thought that the jeans looked lovely but were way out of my price range and that was that.  Until Solanah posted on Instagram that the same style in slate grey was on sale for $50.  Well, that had my attention!  Jeans are a constant struggle for me, since my hips are about 15″ larger than my waist, and anything low-rise cuts into my hips painfully while anything high-rise gapes at the waist.  After seeing Solanah’s rave reviews, though, I was willing to take a chance on a pair of high-end jeans, especially since they were marked down to medium-end jeans price.

Needless to say, I love ’em.  The denim is suuuuper stretchy, which makes them a  bit like the jeans version of yoga pants, they fit everywhere, and the waist is high enough to suit retro-inspired styles.  They don’t quite reach my natural waist (which sits rather high) but they’re close enough for it to work.  All in all, I’m quite pleased to finally have one pair of jeans in my closet that I can wear if need be, for walks in the woods or just casual day wear.

Earrings: Thrifted
Bangles: Thrifted, various places
Fuzzy blue cardigan: 57th Street Antiques
Polka-dot blouse: Vintage Under Thirty
Grey jeans: Imogene + Willie
Boots: Clarks

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