Introducing the Watermelon Playsuit, part 1

 A few days ago, I made the mistake of “just looking” at the novelty print section of the fabric store, where I immediately found a bolt of watermelon print fabric… and with just about three and a half yards left, it clearly had to come home with me.

I’ve been wanting to make another playsuit, since the one I made last summer has gotten so much use.  I had already purchased the red fabric to make a pair of shorts, so it was a happy coincidence that it went so well with the watermelons.  I’ve already completed the matching skirt, too (which you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram!) and I’m contemplating another (fancier) top… more melon-y goodness to come on Monday.

The process took a little trial-and-error, and the zippers aren’t completely perfect (zippers and I aren’t good friends…) but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I did a bit of a pattern mashup to get the shorts to fit and the bodice to look how I wanted it to… and I’m pretty happy with the results!  I’m particularly fond of the shorts, even though I think with a little more exercise I’ll like them better (ha) as at the moment I’m a wee bit self conscious of my thighs.  The super high-waist paired with the short inseam and bright red color makes me feel like I need a cape and boots to complete the superhero look!


Black sunhat: Antiques shop
Silver leaf earrings: Grandma
Watermelon blouse: Hybrid of Simplicity 4395 & Vogue 3282
Red shorts: Hybrid of Butterick 7761 & Simplicity  3688
Black suede belt: Modern Millie Salem
Silver and coral bracelet (actually a necklace?): Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
Wedge sandals: Crocs

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