Cambridge Adventures: Candlepin Bowling

 Woo!  We’re back from our vacation and busy settling back in to our regular routine… I assure you that there will be many vacation photos in the coming weeks.  But first….

Just before we left on our trip, a friend of ours from undergrad came to visit for a few days on his way home from a summer music festival.  He mentioned that the last time he was in Cambridge, one of the hit activities was trapsing over to neighboring Somerville for Candlepin Bowling… and even if the bowling wasn’t great, the place he remembered going to had great beer and pizza.  Naturally, we were sold on the idea right away.

I used to do quite a bit of regular bowling in my youth, although I’m not sure how well the skill carried over… Candlepin is a bit less like bowling and a bit more like bocce ball in the basic mechanics.  But even if we were, uh, less than entirely successful with our scores, it was still a fun outing and we didn’t wake up the next morning with one surprisingly sore arm, as often happens with regular bowling.

We went mid-aftenoon, which was wonderful both because the place wasn’t too crowded and because the large skylights overhead kept the alley bright and inviting, not cavernous and dim as bowling alleys often are.  And the pizza and beer?  Delicious, as advertized.

Black bow: Icing
Lobster pin: Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
Red bangle: Goodwill
Pink ’60s blouse: Goodwill
Red shorts: Made by me
Bowling shoes: Rented on location

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