A Sunday Return

 Hullo!  I’m only nearly a week late in posting these…. ha!  Yes, I finally have an excuse to get all dolled up in my best hats weekly… Church music started up again for me last Sunday!  And since there was a wedding during the liturgy I felt like I had to choose a particularly good hat for the occasion.

 Since I took these photos the weather has taken a left turn into fall, but a week ago it was still sticky and humid and hot, so I was at a bit of a loss as to what to pair my new navy hat with.  I ended up doing a little creative accessorizing so I could wear a lightweight cotton shirtdress.  I’d originally wanted to pair the hat with a navy wool dress I have, but it was far too warm for that!  Maybe next Sunday?

Hat: Antiques shop in Stevens Point, WI
Green dress: Modern Millie
Blue and silver moonglow lucite earrings: Thrifted
Bakelite and other bangles: Thrifted
Blue belt: Sears?
Green Chelsea Crew lace-up shoes: Modern Millie

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