A New Direction

 Yes indeed, exciting things abound at the Hunting House!  In fact, it’s high time that I introduced you all to the newest member of our household…

…. our new Baldwin Acrosonic spinnet piano!  She (or he? I’ve always assumed that musical instruments, like ships, were female by default) isn’t quite mid-century, since the Baldwin catalog dates her to 1974, but the styling fits right in with the rest of the furnishings!  She needs a name still, if anyone has any suggestions.  Sara suggested “Baldy” but it doesn’t seem quite right.

But why have I gotten a piano, and why is it such a big deal?  Well…

 Yep!  I’m learning to tune and repair pianos.  My whole family is quite musical, and this summer I was chatting with one of my aunts who is already well on her way to becoming a working piano tuner and she gave me some suggestions and pointed me in the right direction, so here I am!  Right now I’m just learning the basics, so our piano is….. well, playable, but certainly not in the best of tune.

Anyway, I’m quite excited about this newest chapter in my musical education.  It combines many things I love… tinkering with stuff, musical skill, old things… it’s a win-win, right?  I have to send in my first tuning exam soon, so I can just imagine how silly I’ll look on video tuning a piano in full vintage style.  I suppose that will make me a recognizable pupil?

So!  Expect to hear more of my tuning adventures soon, and since the vintage community is so lovely at window-shopping for each other, I suppose I should put it out there…. I’ll be on the hunt for piano-themed novelty prints!  I’ve always had an eye out for music themed things in general being a singer and ex-violinist, but now I feel like I can collect some piano-print things without feeling like too much of an imposter.

Black orchid clip: Michael’s
Black sweater: Modern Millie
Quilted cave painting novelty circle skirt: Antiques shop somewhere in Wisconsin
Bakelite: Savers
Black flats: someplace in the mall

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