Of Ships and Slippers

Every now and then I get something out of my jewelry box or closet and think to myself, “I’m not sure that I ever showed this to the blog!”  I feel like today’s jewelry is in that category.  I picked up the Spanish sailing ship brooch a couple years ago, and it may have been blogged once in the intervening time… but if it was, I can’t find it at the moment.  The earrings, which match in style if not in subject, have also been hiding in my jewelry box for a while.  It’s not that I don’t love both pieces, but for some reason I have trouble styling them.  Perhaps it’s because they’re gold?  I’ve always been more of a silver gal, myself…

In other news, it’s finally turned cold enough that I can wear suits again and I suddenly remember how much I love them.  I know that my hours not spent covered in coffee are few and far between, but I have a sudden desire to own more well-fitted suits and to wear them more often.

Hat: Queen’s Vault Antiques
Ship pin: Antiques shop in Morro Bay
High-heeled earrings: Buffalo Exchange
Watch: From my Grandmother
Red pumps: Goodwill

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