The “White Christmas” Skirt Suit

 I finally finished my latest sewing project just before Christmas, and I couldn’t be prouder!  I took it for its first wearing out to church and had several people stop me and tell me I looked like I’d stepped off the set of White Christmas!  I got the skirt all sewn up a little while ago but the hand finishing on the jacket was a bit daunting and time-consuming.

I’d been meaning to sew up this pattern for a while, but I had trouble finding the perfect fabric for it… until one day I ran into a big chunk of red wool at the thrift store for $6!  With careful planning and plotting I was able to squeeze the entire pattern out with very little fabric left over.  I ended up omitting the large and comical pilgrim collar from the original pattern both for aesthetic reasons and because there was no fabric left to cut it out!  I’m hoping to find a little clip-on peter pan collar in white rabbit fur to complete the wintery look.  

The pattern didn’t call for lining the jacket, but I thought that might be a little itchy with the wool, so I got a couple yards of leopard-print lining for cheap at Joann Fabrics and did a bit of a hack job of it but it’s lined and that does help quite a bit for comfort and warmth.  I feel like perhaps I should keep on the lookout for a leopard print fur collar and hat as an alternate option when I want to look a little less “White Christmas”!


Red skirt suit: Advance 7745, from Atomic Hideaway
Fur hat and muff: Gift from Doug
Red petticoat: Tatyana Boutique
Red T-strap shoes: Goodwill
Black 1950s coat: Etsy

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