Ring Out Your Joy

Okay folks, this is the last obnoxiously Christmas-y outfit I’ve got backed up in the queue here, and even this one wouldn’t be quite so bad if I weren’t wearing it with a Bright Red Jacket!

I just love the combination of strong jewel tones that aren’t cherry red with leopard print, so I thought the green dress would be a good companion for my hat with the silly leopard pompoms.  I think my next leopard accessory should be a belt to match…

The other interesting piece in this outfit is this rather comical bar brooch that I picked up at the thrift shop last year.  It’s really quite large, so I have a hard time figuring out what garments I should be wearing it on.  Also, rather amusingly, every single bell has a working clapper, so it’s a rather noisy affair wearing it!  I walk around chiming softly, which makes it very hard to sneak up on people.  Anyways, it’s unsigned and I know absolutely nothing about it, so if anyone has any ideas for me about its origins I’d love to know!


1950s hat with faux leopard poms: Etsy
Red jacket: Gift from Doug
Music note brooch: Probably thrifted?
Green wool dress: Made by me, Butterick 9428
Extremely noisy bell bar brooch:  Savers
Green belt: Stolen off another dress
Nude fishnets: Nordstrom’s (I think…)
Miss L Fire Gabrielle pumps in green: Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount in exchange for images and a review

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