Proudly Plaid

We finally got our first decent snow storm of the winter!  So naturally, we headed out first thing to our local park to have a walk in the snow and shoot some pictures before things got too dangerous or slushy.

I’ve always been a decently outdoors-y person, but as I’ve transitioned to vintage styles, I’ve had fewer things to wear for adventures outside.  Suits and dresses are pretty, but maybe not the best choices for a hike or fishing or a canoe trip.  Summer activities were pretty easy to prepare for in style, and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the two playsuits I’ve made for that purpose.  But sometimes a gal needs more than shorts.  I’m still working on nailing down a proper pair of high-waisted blue jeans, but I was thrilled to find a vintage Pendleton 49er knock-off while I was doing my after-Christmas shopping.  I love the colors and think it’ll be a perfect starting point for some great casual “Up North” looks.

nnAnd, bonus oversized jacket perk?  Turns out I can put an entire lightweight down jacket under it with only peeks at the sleeves to give it away.  Layering at its finest!  I always love being able to sneak modern convenience under my vintage styles, especially when it means that I get to look cute and stay warm.

Large white scarf: Christmas gift from Christine
Knock-off Pendleton 49er jacket: Etsy
Black long-sleeved shirt: Target
Pink and black houndstooth down jacket: Uniqlo
80s-does-50s belt: Modern Millie
Grey skinny jeans: Imogene + Willie
Big clompy snow boots: The North Face

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