Put a Bird on it!

I have for you today my other Easter outfit.  Yes, as a church musician I had the opportunity and obligation to attend Easter services twice!  For the Saturday night vigil service I opted for slightly more toned-down color scheme, but an equally impressive hat.

This hat was another repair project… the birds had both gotten rather low on feathers so I re-covered them in fresh feathers and worked in the less bedraggled originals.  This hat also has a lot of veil, so for the service and general non-beekeeper looks I kept it tucked up behind the brim of the hat.  The full veil effect is pretty neat, though:

The consensus was that it looked like I should be film noir character in a private detective’s office discussing the matter of my poor dead extremely wealthy husband!
I like to think the novelty print on the dress kept the look a little lighter… I love both the colors and the fantastic castles-and-clovers motif on the dress.  The cream color is also a spot-on match for my new shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes, and since the hem is so low it’s nice to have the extra lift!  The shoes stood up magnificently to the two- hour vigil service and preceding rehearsal, I was quite comfortable the whole night.  So I can quite confidently give my first pair of B.A.I.T. shoes a hearty approval.

I’m really pleased with how this whole look came together… I’ll have to take another try at wearing and photographing it when I’ll have a nicer backdrop than my shed!

New York Creations hat with birds: Concetta’s Closet
Gold and aqua screw-back earrings: Present from Christine
1940s  castles and shamrocks novelty print rayon dress: Gift from Doug
Gold wristwatch: Grandma’s
Bait “Lacey” T-strap sandals: Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount in exchange for images and a review


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