Put a Feather in Your Cap

As I am sure you all know, hats come in two categories.  There are hats, functional, decorative, and in between in all shapes, sizes, and colors… and then there are Hats, appropriate for Easter, the Kentucky Derby or generally stopping traffic.  When I first started getting into vintage styles, I usually shopped for hats.  My favorites were close-fitting 1950s numbers that ranged in size from glorified headband to small cap.  I still love and wear hats like that, especially on warm or windy days or in less hat-friendly environments.  However, as time has gone on and I’ve become a braver vintage wearer, I’ve shifted my attentions to collecting Hats.

I found this one on Etsy after a particularly challenging week in the first half of my class, and although it was poorly photographed it looked promising, and it claimed to be in good condition.  I think my little gamble paid off!

Are you more of a hat person or a Hat person?  How do you decide which one to wear?
New York Creations hat with ostrich plume: Etsy
Blue drop earrings: Grandma’s
Blue swallow brooch: Classic Hardware, by way of the now-closed Boston Tatyana Boutique
1940s raspberry rayon crepe dress: Oona’s Experienced Clothing
Peach opaque tights: Capezio
Strappy black suede sandals: Nine West, by way of Savers

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