Pink Elephant Walk

So, fair warning, I’m probably going to spend most of the rest of the summer complaining about the weather. See, I’m from the land of hot and dry and I’ve moved to the land of slightly-less-hot but drippingly humid and I do not cope well with humidity. Don’t let the windy weather in these photos fool you, the only wind we’ve had is the kind that’s pushing 90 degrees and might be bringing a thunderstorm along with it… not much relief from the heat!

Bernie Dexter drunken pink elephants novelty print dress paired with red accessories

So naturally, I’ve been living in the lightest cotton dresses I own. One that has been in near-weekly rotation is this fantastic Bernie Dexter dress. It features a great selection of my favorite colors (grey, pink, lime, and red are all winners in my book) and a fantastic novelty print of drunken pink elephants which I think is whimsical and hilarious.

A bright red 1950s hat with a single feather tops off this retro outfit.

I had nicely curled hair, so I decided to go with red accessories since I haven’t yet picked up the perfect petal pink or lime green hat. I like how the red accent picks up the little bits of red in the elephants’ ruffly collars.

A red belt and necklace bring out the red accents in this Bernie Dexter drunken pink elephants novelty print dress

I didn’t end up with the version of this dress with the snazzy self fabric belt (like the one here that Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette has…) but instead mine came with funny self-fabric ties. I ended up unpicking the single line of stitches that held that in place and setting it aside (maybe I’ll make a belt with it someday!) so that I could wear a proper belt with the dress.

Bernie Dexter drunken pink elephants novelty print dress paired with red accessories

Red T-strap pumps by Sofft are comfortable for all-day wear while still looking sharp

And now, if you need me, I’ll be lying in front of a fan drinking something cold until September.

Novelty print drunken pink elephants paired with red accessories is a fun look for a hot summer's day

    • Red 1950s straw hat with comical feather: Antiques mall in Wisconsin somewhere
    • Red plastic and metal vintage necklace: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
    • Bernie Dexter pink elephant novelty print dress: Purchased from a friend
    • Red leather ’80s belt: Savers
    • Red leather Sofft T-strap shoes: Goodwill

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