To A New Year

Another year gone and another year older! Having a birthday right before the new year is a pain for getting people to come over and eat cake but it does make a tidy way to pair up the calendar new year with the Frances new year. I know this has been a challenging year for a lot of people, but although I feel rather sheepish admitting it I actually had a pretty phenomenal go of it in 2016.

Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black pumps

Unfortunately the last week of 2016 decided to knock me down with a nasty head cold, so you’ll have to excuse my somewhat bleary and red-about-the-nose look in these photos and the somewhat stream-of-consciousness style of this post. I got the brooch and earring set which I’d been eyeing as Christmas presents from my love and he got the skirt which I’d put in my Etsy favorites as a possible option to complete this suit as well. It obviously doesn’t quite match, but I think it’s good enough for government work, as they say.

Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black faux confetti lucite jewelry from Luxulite

So, in spite of world events I personally had a pretty good 2016. This year, I…

    • …took a flying leap into the unknown to pick up another marketable skill and landed on my feet. I started the year as a barista and ended it as a software engineer.
    • …started planning a wedding. My love and I finally set a wedding date after four-ish years of engagement, so I’m excited to cross that bridge next year.
    • …took up yoga in earnest. To the great confusion of many, including myself, I allowed myself to be brought along to one of those trendy yoga classes they do in a very hot room and for reasons beyond my understanding I keep going back.
    • …invested in some good shoes. My vintage clothing collection had far outpaced the footwear, so I used some of my newfound income to purchase some better shoes, and my feet thank me for it.
    • …collected more vintage. As one does. My style continuest to grow and evolve, and my coworkers are routinely baffled. I think I might have enough purple hats now.

Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black pumps

However, one doesn’t like to rest on one’s laurels too much, and I hope next year brings more growth and progress. Now that I don’t have to worry as much about where the next paycheck comes from, I’m hoping that in 2017 I can…

    • …focus more on my physical and mental health, especially eating well and doing some sort of exercise with regularity. I’m itching to get back to my yoga classes as soon as I can downward dog without needing to also do upward kleenex.
    • …slowly take up sewing and knitting again (it got pretty neglected last year, and there’s a halfway-done sweater sitting in my knitting basket that would be reaaaal nice come February)
    • …get a little more traveling done, as life this past year prevented me from getting to Wisconsin for the regular family reunion.
    • …keep blogging! I’ve had this blog for 6 years now, and, like the yoga, I keep going back without really knowing why, but I might as well keep it up.


Luxulite reproduction confetti glitter and black cherry brooch on the lapel of a vintage 1940s royal blue jacket

And so, onward. I think I’m ready to find out what the new year has in store for me… I suppose whether or not I’m ready, it is here. Do you have any grand plans for 2017?

Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black pumps

Vintage outfit featuring a royal blue suit with head scarf and black pumps

    • Blue chiffon scarf: Purchased on Etsy
    • Gold and black confetti cherries set: from Luxulite, a gift from Doug
    • Blue vintage jacket: Etsy
    • Light blue sweater: from Sara
    • Blue ’80s vintage skirt: Gift from Doug
    • 1940s style black leather pumps: Marilyns from Royal Vintage Shoes (I purchased these shoes at a discount in exchange for images and a review)

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