Wedding Garb

I promised more wedding posts, and although I’ve taken my sweet time about writing them, I did not forget!

Today’s post is going to focus primarily on the pretty clothes aspect of the wedding. All the photos in this post are by our wonderful photographers, Novella Photography. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up with a ton of great photos of Doug and we even have a bit of a shortage of pictures of us together (in part because he’s rather camera-shy, in part because we spent a lot of the reception separated so we could cover saying hi to all our relatives and be good hosts, weddings are emotionally exhausting, guys, and in part because I was the person wearing a giant floofy 1950s wedding dress and that’s way more fun to take pictures of than a suit. Sorry Doug.)



But, this is a vintage clothing blog, so I know you’re probably here to learn more about my dress. Read on to hear more about our glad rags for the glad occasion.


I actually bought my dress very shortly after we got engaged and then proceeded to hang on to it until we managed to actually plan a wedding. I found it on Etsy for $50, and because the seller was close enough to me, I was able to arrange to drive to pick it up. The dress didn’t look fantastic when I got it — the low price tag was due to the fact that it had never been washed after its original wearing. There was evidence of cake on the skirt, and there were still grains of rice caught in the lace of the bodice. The other fun part of picking the dress up in person was that I got the original box – A large cardboard Emma Domb box marked for delivery by Grayhound!


I accessorized almost entirely with gold, and after a long hunt managed to find a cream petticoat with gold edging to support my truly massive skirt. I really wanted to wear Remix shoes (well, okay, I really wanted to use the wedding as an excuse to try their beautiful but expensive shoes) but after trying two pairs that didn’t fit properly, I found these gold Miss L Fire “Loretta” sandals for much less.

A few of my accessories were sentimental — my gold winding wristwatch was worn by my maternal grandmother on her wedding day, and I wore a pair of rhinestone earrings that belonged to my paternal grandmother.


I didn’t particularly want to carry flowers, and I did want a way to carry my keys, phone, and other such essentials, so I ended up finding a carved and rhinestoned lucite clutch on Etsy which I lined with matching gold lamé fabric. The belt was another Etsy find after my friend Hannah found one in a shop and sent me a picture. I was able to find one for half the price after a bit of online sleuthing.


The hat took several tries, as I originally wanted something gold or white, and I didn’t really want a veil. I ended up settling on this blue and white leaves and berries hat from Poppycock Vintage on Etsy which I think finished off the outfit nicely, and I’ll be able to wear it again which is a plus.


Since my dress was so inexpensive, we decided to spend a little more on getting Doug something new. He’s very tall and slim, and has a hard time finding suits that fit him off the rack. Instead, he got a made-to-measure suit from Brooks Brothers in a summer weight medium grey. It’s lined in a royal purple, which is sadly not photodocumented, but take my word for it that it looks really cool. He wore a white shirt and a gold floral tie that I made for him early in our relationship.


So there you have it, us and our fancy clothes! I might share one more round of pictures from our ceremony and reception and talk a little more about how we actually organized the day if anyone is interested and for my own sort of blog records-keeping.


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