Summer Sheer

Sheer seersucker dress red white novelty print front

When we were in California for our honeymoon, we spent a couple nights with my extended family. The conversation turned, as it often does, to family memories, and my aunt suggested that I might have a look at a few hats she had stashed away that were her mother’s — my Busia’s. (A note — Busia is what I grew up calling my grandmother, it’s some sort of corrupted Americanization of the Polish word for grandmother) She wanted to hold on to the very best of the hats (as well she should!), a enormous cream New York Creation with black velvet ribbon trim. Somewhere there is a picture of my Busia wearing the hat, and she plans to put together a little display of the pair. I went home with two hats and the brooch that matches the reverse-carved lucite earrings that I’ve had since Busia passed away.

Detail of straw hat and reverse carved lucite brooch

This is one of the two hats I took home, a simple open-crowned straw number in black, absolutely perfect for miserable summer days and other such occasions. I will now think fondly of my Busia every time I wear it! I’ll show you the other hat soon, Busia clearly had a thing for large hats and high drama in fashion… I come by it honestly!

I was pretty happy with how this whole look came together — I got this abstract novelty print (I think?) sheer seersucker dress from Fab Gabs in one of her clearance sales, and it’s perfection for summer. It also goes perfectly with the hat and and jewelry!

Sheer seersucker dress red white novelty print back

And to finish off this serendipitous outfit, my latest pair of Rocket Originals shoes were just the ticket. I decided to finally get a pair of their black sandals to replace my dying black flats, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop this summer so clearly it was a good purchase!

Sheer seersucker dress red white novelty print front

    • Open-crowned black straw hat: Busia’s
    • Black and red reverse-carved lucite brooch and earring set: Busia’s
    • Sheer seersucker dress with abstract red print: Fab Gabs
    • Black patent belt with red cut-out design: Fab Gabs

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