Hidden Treasure

More pictures from earlier in the summer, and as I’m reviewing them, I suddenly want to reprise this combination for a late-summer look now that it’s almost cool enough to consider wearing suits again.

I was very taken with Trashy Diva’s Pirate Treasure print this spring, and I bought my first full-price items from their shop (thank you, full-time employment) to ensure I’d get a chance at the print.

Trashy Diva Pirate's Treasure novelty print blouse under a vintage suit


I actually ended up with this print in two different styles, and I was really tickled to discover that not only was the print a perfect match to one of my favorite 1940s suit, the indescribable light peachy red shade is a perfect match to this 1940s hat I got from Solanah in the winter.

Vintage 1940s abstract peachy mauve hat with green ribbon

I was sure the hat wouldn’t match anything I owned when it arrived, so I was pleasantly surprised that it’s a spot-on match for the color in this print! And the hat is so outrageous, I just have to wear it.

Royal Vintage Shoes Marilyn pumps in black

To polish off the look, I wore my trusty black Royal Vintage Marilyn pumps, freshly polished, to bring another touch of the black to the outfit and keep everything balanced.

  • Peachy apricot 1940s hat with funny abstract felt tendrils: Solanah
  • Black faceted drop earrings: Grandma’s
  • Sage green 1940s vintage suit: Etsy
  • Pirate Treasure “June” novelty print blouse: Trashy Diva
  • 1940s style black leather pumps: Marilyns from Royal Vintage Shoes (I purchased these shoes at a discount in exchange for images and a review)

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