California Trip – Part 2

This post has been sitting in my drafts since December, and the events happened even longer ago than that, but since it is late March and just keeps snowing, I think it seems as good a time as any to recap the second leg of our California honeymoon trip – a visit to Disneyland!


We both grew up in California, but while Doug got to go to Disneyland with some regularity, it was a very rare treat for me. We figured that there was no better way to kick off our official adulthood phase of life than by going and enjoying a few days with absolutely no responsibilities at all.

honeymoon-16One of the fun things about visiting the Happiest Place on Earth is that other people are there too — Several of my relatives came to spend a day in the park with us and treated us to dinner and front-row standing for the World of Color show.

And as an extra bonus, I also got to meet a couple vintage gals! Janey (of Atomic Redhead fame) and I did not intentionally coordinate our outfits for our brief meeting.


She’s a delight in person too, and her clothing and accessory choices are impeccable.

We also just happened to be at Disneyland at the same time as Julie of Fab Gabs and her boyfriend Leeds, who had come down to California to hunt for vintage and stayed for a few days of Disney fun. We wandered around with them a bit being collectively overdressed (Julie puts together the most fantastic outfits, and accessorizes amazingly as well), went on a few rides, and ran into them for lunch another day!


Leeds even took this fun polaroid of us as a souvenir of the trip.

I don’t have a proper write-up or normal post quantities of photos of what I wore, so here are a few more snaps of me goofing off around the park on a few different days!





It was a wonderful trip, and on an icy March day I must say I wish I was back in sunny sunny California!

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