Letters and Feathers

I’ve been putting off sharing photos from last summer and fall all winter — I’m not sure why, it’s not like any of you are reading a vintage fashion blog to discover hot new trends for Spring/Summer 2018 or so you can go out and buy whatever dress I’m reviewing on the blog. All my style choices are at least 50 years out of date and most of the dresses you couldn’t buy even if you wanted to. So really, what does it matter if I’m behind or ahead of the seasons a bit?

I probably could wear this outfit right now if I wanted to, but the scenery wouldn’t be nearly as green and lovely.


The highlight here, of course, is this absurd hat. My friend Hannah (@giltriddengal) was selling it and obviously it’s right up my alley. I knew this novelty print dress would be a perfect match for it, and I’ll definitely be wearing this combination again.






  • Novelty print letters, feathers, and flowers dress: Etsy
  • Chartreuse rhinestone earrings: Etsy
  • Green, brown, and black 1940s tilt hat: instasale by @giltriddengal
  • Chartreuse peep-toe 40s style sandals: Remix shoes Picasso

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