Armpit Gussets

Continuing our non-chronological trek through my photo backlog, today’s outfit features a bit of a mending trick.

You see, I bought this dress from FabGabs when she was having a bit of a clearance sale and although the dress fit like a glove, there was no way that my arms were going to fit in the sleeves.


Enter gussets:


I realized that the best way to remedy the fit issue without damaging the dress was by inserting some underarm gussets and a bit more width in the sleeve. I opened the side seams of the dress from the bottom of the sleeve to just above the side zip, put it on, and measured the space. Then I set about finding an appropriate colored bit of fabric and drafting myself a gusset. Unless I’m waving my arms around and making a fool of myself, it’s a pretty invisible mend!


Plus, the dress gave me an excuse to wear this very nifty little hat I picked up at Modern Millie shortly after I moved out here. I always want to wear it and of course nothing ever seems to match!



And so that is my tale of a little armpit alteration. Not the most glamorous part of wearing vintage to be sure, but I think a pretty successful and minimally invasive bit of work to make a dress wearable by me!


  • Navy straw tilt hat with colorful accents: Modern Millie
  • Red Bakelite earrings: Antiques shop somewhere
  • 1940s flower and bird print butter yellow dress: FabGabs
  • Stack O’ Bakelite: Various places
  • Deep blue ankle strap sandals: Rocket Originals

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