A “Quick to Knit” Cardigan

Now that Rhinebeck has come and gone, it seems like I am long overdue showing you what I made with my yarn from last Rhinebeck! I actually finished it last winter (when these photos were taken) but kept putting off blogging about it. Last year I had much less of a plan going in, and managed to come out with only a single sweater’s worth of yarn.

"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

I knew that I wanted to make more cardigans, and I had been eyeing the “Quick To Knit” cardigan that had been featured on Subversive Femme.

The yarn I chose (a 40/60 wool/alpaca blend in “Goosed Spruce” from Good Karma Farm) was so close to the pattern picture that I think it convinced me to make it work, even though I wasn’t able to get the proper gauge.

"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

Instead,  I did a bunch of math and made several modifications, including choosing to knit the sleeves top-down following Tasha’s tutorial at By Gum By Golly and then knitting on the cuffs. I also added some short rows to the back which ended up being totally unnecessary as the entire body of the finished cardigan is a bit longer than I’d prefer.  At least it’s cozy!

"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the finished cardigan.  It is very cozy, and the extra length means it works well with pants.  I may need to take another stab at this pattern with a yarn that isn’t alpaca and where I can get gauge—it’s hard to judge when I have hardly followed the pattern, and when the yarn has a bad habit of growing and shifting about.  This was my first time making bobbles, and I really do love the bobble trim — it’s just so fun looking, and adds a nice bit of interest to an otherwise plain pattern.

"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

Target “Quick to Knit” Cardigan: Handmade by me, pattern from Subversive Femme Silvertone and moonglow lucite earrings: Gift from a family friend
Grey ruffled top: Modern, I no longer remember the source
Millworth Grand Canyon Skirt: Sewed by me from vintage yardage
Opaque Tights: Capezio
Black suede shoes: Miss L Fire



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  1. ule

    I’m not one for vintage style, but I’ve been reading your blog for years and you are always put together so well! Ilike the cardigan, but I like the skirt even more. That print is amazing!

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