Now We Are Eight

Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat

It’s kind of outrageous, but I’ve apparently been writing this blog for eight years as of Friday!  Sure, it’s changed purposes once and changed hosting twice, but I’ve been attempting to care for and feed a blog fairly regularly since 2010.

Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat

Blogging hasn’t exactly granted me fame or fortune, but it has helped me connect with some pretty great people around the world and has given me an outlet to record and document my vintage collection instead of just hoarding it.

Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat

Although, speaking of hoarding, I’ve been holding on to these pictures since New Year’s Eve of last year when I took them because I didn’t post them fast enough and then it wasn’t winter any more so I figured I’d just wait until it was cold enough again that the pictures would look seasonal.  So they’re a pair of glasses and a couple haircuts ago, plus about 40 degrees colder 100% more snow than today, but we’ll pretend that this winter looks this scenic and be grateful that it isn’t quite this cold today.

Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat

You can tell it was cold when I took these pictures because I’m actually wearing my grandma’s raccoon coat.  It only comes out on the coldest of days because I’m a little nervous wearing this much fur in our modern society, but I find that when it’s this cold (We’re talking somewhere around 5°F / -15°C) nobody really cares what you’re wearing or what they’re wearing because it’s so darn cold.

Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat
Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat
Blue suit with 1940s leopard hat

Faux-leopard 1940s tilt hat: Etsy
Silver and blue confetti lucite earrings: Christmas gift last year
Leopard print bow: Swiped from a Trashy Diva dress
Blue 1940s suit jacket: Etsy
Blue 1980s pleated skirt: Gift from Doug
Black long sleeved t-shirt: Target?
Heavy cotton peach-colored stockings: Bought from @solanah
Black velvet and fur Edwardian reproduction carriage boots: American Duchess


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  1. Johanne Kemp

    I live in Cornwall England and no where near as cold as -15C if it gets down to zero my fur comes out and blow what people think! You cannot beat fur for warmth, mine are all vintage, one is my Mums but rabbit. Your blog is one I follow regularly love your makes and your revamps. The shoes are a bit limiting for me down in Cornwall but I can dream! Keep up the good work as I know it all takes time, photos etc but appreciated. Always inspiring for my own projects. Best wishes.

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