On Repeat

I often feel a lot of pressure as a blogger (real or imagined? I don’t know…) to avoid repeating dresses or outfits on the blog. I feel like as a good blogger I should always try to show something “new”, and often I avoid wearing favorite outfits on multiple outings because I’ve already photographed them for the blog.

1940s bow and flower print dress in bold aqua paired with an olive tilt hat and shell pink shoes

Which is to say… this is a repeat. I’ve worn this dress before here, and I even paired it with the same hat! Horrors. I did manage to swap out the belt, shoes, and earrings at least!

Cut felt flowers grace the side of a moss green 1940s tilt hat

So I guess this makes me a bad blogger or something, but I must say, I like this hat with this dress, and I’m absolutely sure I’ll be wearing them together again. Will I take pictures for the blog? Maybe, maybe not…

Peach-pink shoes by Miss L Fire feature a faux snakeskin seashell on the side of the foot

Obviously, I’m not a person with a huge closet (heck, right now I don’t even have a closet) and I certainly don’t have the budget or desire to wear something new weekly. I definitely play favorites with my clothes, and while sometimes I mix things up I often turn to tried-and-true combos.

A vintage 1940s tilt hat picks up olive green tones from a novelty print vintage dress with bows and flowers

I think green really is a good color on me... brings out my eyes!

What are your thoughts on repeats on a (vintage) fashion blog? What keeps outfits interesting?

1940s bow and flower print dress in bold aqua paired with an olive tilt hat and shell pink shoes

    • Pink and white rhinestone earrings: Gift from the one and only Hannah
    • 1940s novelty print bows and flowers dress: Etsy
    • Light pink faux snakeskin belt: Target
    • Pink seashell shoes: Miss L Fire by way of Modcloth
    • Black purse/camera bag: Marshalls

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