A Shoe Review: Aspen

Hello! It’s me, I’m back with another shoe review!

1950s neutral fall outfit

I got the Aspen boots from Royal Vintage Shoes at the same time as my other purchases, but the fall weather wasn’t really motivating me to wear them. But when we went to visit my granddad in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, I figured they’d be the perfect wear-with-everything shoe to bring along for the trip.

In Which I Change My Spots

One of the vintage items that was on my wishlist for quite some time was a two-piece sweater and skirt set. Sometimes in the winter you just want to wear a full-body sweater, and look good doing it.

Green knit set with leopard accessories

It took me quite a while to find something in both my size and my budget—my large hips mean finding anything with a narrow skirt that fits both my upper and lower halves is tricky.  Fortunately, knits are stretchy, and I was eventually able to snag this set in the most delightful shade of green from Lucky Dry Goods on Instagram.

A “Quick to Knit” Cardigan

Now that Rhinebeck has come and gone, it seems like I am long overdue showing you what I made with my yarn from last Rhinebeck! I actually finished it last winter (when these photos were taken) but kept putting off blogging about it. Last year I had much less of a plan going in, and managed to come out with only a single sweater’s worth of yarn.

"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt

I knew that I wanted to make more cardigans, and I had been eyeing the “Quick To Knit” cardigan that had been featured on Subversive Femme.

Rhinebeck 2018

There comes a time in the fall when a knitter’s mind turns to thoughts of Rhinebeck.  The New York Sheep & Wool Festival is one of those fiber-crafts events that I had read about for almost as long as I’ve been knitting, but never thought I’d attend since it was on the other side of the country.  And then I moved to the other side of the country and forgot all about it until last year, when I made a very impulsive and last-minute decision to go.

Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool 2018: The sweater

This year I planned a little better, and when I realized I had a partially completed 1890s cycling sweater on the needles, I knew what I was going to be trying to finish for my Rhinebeck Sweater.

Sequins, Novelty Print, and a Cape, oh my!

Sometimes, you need a fancy dress.  Sometimes you need that dress to be fancy enough to go out for dinner and a show but not quite so fancy that you can’t wear it all day. Sometimes, you accidentally purchase just such a dress because you underestimated its fanciness from the listing photos.

1940s caped novelty rayon dress with sequins

A Shoe Review: Alice

As promised another outfit with shoe review today.  These are my second purchase from the Royal Vintage Shoes fall collection, the Alice cutout oxfords in Nutmeg.

1950s pink novelty landscape skirt with brown hat and shoes

I was on the fence about ordering these, because suede is a little harder to maintain than smooth leather and I don’t wear brown a ton, but I had decided to consign my older pair of brown shoes from Royal Vintage because slingbacks and I aren’t friends so I figured it would be good to have something available.

Staying Casual in Saddle Shoes

Casual jeans & Pendleton 49er outfit

It’s a good thing I’m a vintage fashion blogger, because staying on top of writing about the latest trends and releases is not my forte.

Casual jeans & Pendleton 49er outfit

Unfortunately (or fortunately), even in the vintage world there are new things, especially from reproduction brands, and although I always make sure to buy the things I want as soon as they’re released, I’m pretty terrible about writing about those in anything resembling a timely manner. Case in point: these shoes.

I Quit

Those of you who have been following along here for a while may know that one of the many (metaphorical) hats I wear is “professional musician”. Since college, I’ve held an assortment of part-time jobs as a paid church choir member. The choirs have varied in size and skill level, but for almost 10 years my routine has been that Sunday mornings between September and June are for putting on my Sunday best and going to sing.

1940s rayon poppy dress with New York Creations hat